Since 1996, SHAAP has been the leading supplier of equipment, services and expertise for the cement and minerals industries.



  • Cement Equipment Spare Parts
  • Air Pollution Control Spare Parts
  • Automation
  • Gas analysis
  • Material Handling Spares
  • Pneumatic conveying spare parts
  • Separation Equipment Spares
  • Filter
  • Heat Exchanger



Food & Beverages

Successful long-term relationships with customer in highly demanding industries and decades of experiance as a Valve and pressure sensor supplier perferct partner for all food and beverage system manufacturers.




Anesthesia & Gas Equipment Surgical Equipment Dialysis & Blood Treatment



Energy & Infrastructure


Wind Turbine Equipment Energy Production Water & Waste Treatment Oil & Gas




Dairy Plants & Equipments, Milk Process Plants, Mini Dairy Plants, Milk Storage Tanks, Bulk Milk Coolers, Road Milk Tankers, Ghee Making Equipments, Paneer Making Equipments, Khoya Making Equipments, Cheese Making Machines, hreekhand Making Equipment, Refrigeration Plants, Ice Plants, Dairy onsultancy, S.S.Fabrication, Jacketed Vessels, Limped Coil Tanks,  rchitectural Fabrication, S.S.Railing



  • Horizontal Milk Storage Tanks
  •  Vertical Milk Storage Tanks
  •  Weigh Bowl and Dump Tanks
  •  Bulk Coolers of Various Capacities
  •  Ice Bank Tanks
  •  Refrigeration Systems
  •  Chilling Plants and Ice Plants
  •  Homogenizer
  •  Haet Exchanger
  •  Pasteurizer with Float Balance Tanks
  •  Online Filters and Vertical Filters
  •  Road Milk Tankers of Various Capacities
  •  Milk Silos of Various Capacitie
  •   P.H.E. Based C.I.P. System with Tanks
  •   Ventury / Reconstitution Systems
  •   Cream Ripening Tanks
  •   Ghee Boiler
  •   Ghee Settling Tank and Butter Melting Vat
  •   Batch pasteurizer / Butter Milk Tanks
  •   Curd Vat and Cheese Vat
  •   Paneer Mould and Khoya Making Machines
  •   Shreekhand Making Plants





    SHAAP offers support for the oil and gas sector through the delivery of ngineering solutions.

    Fluid Treatment, oil Processing, Filtration, Heat Transfer are a few of the
     solutions we offer



    Water Resources: 


    SHAAP offers standard and non-standard water pumping solutions for power generation.  Mainly wastewater treatment pumps, but also other types of pumps and their accessories.  Such accessories are bearings, mechanical

    seals, gaskets.

     We also provide Motors and variable frequency drives as a complete package for liquid transportation needs.

    Power generation​:


    Specialised contracts for supply maintaining and operating  equipment systems in all types of power plants.


    Industrial OEMs

    With nearly 18 years of high-volume experience and millions of devices installed worldwide, SHAAP provide performance levels unparalleled in the industrial markets.


    SHAAP broad technology portfolio and many decades of experience in the industrial market segments make us the number one choice for valve, pressure switch and  pressure sensors for Industrial OEMs. 




    SHAAP´s deveopment and adaptation process allow us to customize products to meet the needs of Industrial OEM's in the pump, automation, process, hydraulic systems, and pneumatic markets




    General industry​:

    SHAAP  offers a wide range of products and services for General industry sector.